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Sásta is committed to working with your organisation to optimise your human resource systems and processes. See the range of services we provide below.



A workshop should leave participants with a renewed sense of purpose and transform key learnings into positive change. Complex topics are approached using critical analysis, where participants can unpack, contextualise and make sense of the information.


Our workshops facilitate engagement, promotes individual learning and team collaboration thus developing shared meanings and understanding. Our aim is to provide space and an environment to support enquiry, creativity and collaboration.

See the range of workshops we offer below.

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Politics and power in the Workplace

Understanding organisational power and politics

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The Toxic Workplace

The cause and effects of workplace toxicity.

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Women in Leadership Roles

Recognise and navigate the gendered norms of leadership.

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Change Management

Explore change management strategy to enhance positive outcomes.

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Tailored Workshop

A customised workshop tailored to your business' needs.

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