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About Us


Enhancing Organisational Satisfaction.


Our vision is clear - to work with organisations to enhance the organisation's overall performance. Job satisfaction and engagement are among the most important attitudes to influence workforce behaviour. Effective workforce management can significantly impact employee satisfaction and engagement, which improves employee morale, mental wellbeing and performance. These key markers impact positively on employee commitment to the organisation's goals. This in turn enhances the organisation's reputation and financial stability.


The name Sásta (pronounced sauce-ta) means satisfaction in Gaelic.


Our Story


Sásta has comprehensive capabilities necessary to support organisations manage human resources in a way that promotes a workforce that is engaged, resilient and enhances the organisation's strategic goals and overall organisational performance.

We specialise in providing professional services to ensure that an organisation's human resources systems are robust, compliant with legislation, and demonstrate best practice. Our knowledge of organisational psychology, industrial relations and human resource systems, coupled with a proven track record in business management can assure our clients that our approach is comprehensive.

We offer tailored services to suit organisations ranging from small to medium enterprise (SME), corporate and government. We provide service to organisations from diverse sectors such as finance, health and education.

Our Director

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