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Sásta is committed to working with your organisation to optimise your human resource systems and processes. See the range of services we provide below.

Advisory Services


Strategy for creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace.

  • Conduct a gap analysis of current Human Resource (HR) policy and procedure to enhance best practice and compliance with the charter of human rights and relevant legislation.

  • Explore the demands and design of the job to identify what aspects may increase the risk to mental health strain and mitigate accordingly.

  • Provide an analysis of the organization’s strategy for developing and promoting resilience in the workforce.

Promote a positive culture in the workplace

  • Build awareness of behaviors in the workplace that are inconsistent with organisational values, such as bullying and harassment.

  • Providing tailored training to organisations in conflict resolution strategy, performance management and managing grievances. 

  • Provide tailored training to organisations to enhance workforce resilience and optimism, using science as a guiding principle.

  • Mental Health Awareness training.

Tailored Support

  • Identify emerging mental health issues in a colleague and provide support.

  • Make reasonable adjustments that are compliant with relevant legislation.

  • Supporting a colleague experiencing domestic violence.

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If you're interested in finding out more about our advisory services, use the button below to request a no-obligation quote.

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